Offa’s Dyke Path – 2km done!

Well, so far so good. No major issues with the trains down and, after being given the code for the door that was definitely texted to me (it wasn’t), I checked in and headed out to walk the first part of the path.

The Cicerone guidebook advised walking to the start via roads and a quiet footpath to avoid walking the same part of the path twice. This was sound advice and I was at the Sedbury Cliffs marker stone in under an hour.

With this part of the path being basically in the outskirts of Chepstow you’re effectively walking behind houses and on roads for the most part. The route planners have clearly tried to send you off on ‘proper’ footpaths where they can but it was obviously no easy task.

I did notice this masterful bit of planning on the walk back. What could possibly go wrong?

Just before arriving back in Chepstow Town centre you do briefly get a nice view of the old bridge ….

… and the castle…

I was ready for a pint after all my exertions (!) and The Three Tuns was really welcoming and Covid secure (I was reassured to read).

The Queens Head had stood out as the pub to visit on my pre-arrival research. It was very good too. The locals were very friendly and the Farmhouse Scrumpy was superb.

17 miles to Monmouth tomorrow with the Devil’s Pulpit, Tintern Abbey and The Monnow Bridge to look forward to. I hope they don’t have to send me a text to get my breakfast.

3 thoughts on “Offa’s Dyke Path – 2km done!

Add yours

  1. Up and running mate.
    Good weather forecast and some interesting gaffs to clock on todays walk as well. I’ll text you PM score…!


  2. Bet it’s good to finally get going mate
    Great spot with the greenhouse/goal. Hopefully not Stuart Barlow’s gaff!


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